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This section on Rajasthan metal crafts discusses metal handicrafts and metal works in Rajasthan.

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Rajasthan Metal Crafts

Some of the finest metal works in Rajasthan use enameled silver that is used for everything from pill-boxes to figurines. Brass enamel is less expensive, and more prevalent from table-tops to dancing peacocks, caparisoned elephants, dancing camels, swords and shields .In recent years, wrought iron has become popular, though this is more contemporary in its usage, than traditional.

Indian craftsmen have always shown an exceptional skill in engraving, chasing and ornamenting of gold and silver articles of everyday and decorative use. The metal ware of Rajasthan comprises artistic brass work, enameled, engraved and filigree cut work on silver. The Jaipuri-engravers have mastered the medium of engraving on metal. Lacquered and engraved brassware comes in an amazing variety of articles: hanging lamps, boxes, bowls, picture frames, and plates. Traditional designs are used in different techniques such as hammered, chased or embossed and the motifs are of flowers, hunting scenes and landscapes.

In Jaipur, the engraving is done in three styles namely, (a) 'Marori' work- minutely lacquered designs covering the entire surface, (b) 'chikan'- floral ornamentation standing out vividly against a chased and lacquered background and (c) 'bichi' - a delicate pattern of flowers and leaves, on a lacquered surface.

Traditional silver articles like 'handas' or water containers, spice bottles, baskets and trays are popular worldover - white metal articles too, command sizeable exports. Water carrier, 'badla', made of zinc, a speciality of Jodhpur, is one of the flourishing industries of Rajasthan. 'Badlas', usually round, semi-circular or rectangular are sometimes fitted with ice chambers and taps. In 'Koftagari' or damascening work, mostly practiced in Alwar and Jaipur, one metal is encrusted into another in the form of wire. Popular articles are swords, daggers and shields.

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